Battle Of Hastings 2017 Plaza Edits

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Battle of Hastings Plaza Sesions


What's the Plaza Edits? Each team at Battle of Hastings selected 2 guys from their team to film an edit in the Source Plaza in just one hour. The edits were then judged and the scores went towards the final standing. The stuff these guys got in such a small amount of time was mind boggling - check back every Friday for another edit (running from 11th to 1st place).

Filmed by Rich Forne and Will Stroud and edited by Peter Adam.



7th Place - Team Peraza

Kevin Peraza and Ben Lewis
Two very different styles combine!

8th Place - Team Homan

Van Homan and Rooftop
They are not old - they are gold.

9th Place - Team Barraco

Simone Barraco and Joris Coulomb
Two original street riders and a substitute

10th Place - Team Ross

Aaron Ross & Corey Martinez
Two heavy hittting street legends take 10th

11th Place - Team Lesser

Staurt Chisolm & Jack Poulton
Check out the 11th place edit here from Team Lesser

Brian Kachinsky on the Plaza

Brian Kachinsky walks you through the new Plaza
We were honoured to have such a legend design our new plaza. Watch as Brian takes you through his design process.


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