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The building of a new park in the center of Hastings was never going to be an easy or quick process. Especially when the building is underground, beneath a Seafront in an old derelict Victorian building. Easy it hasn’t been but it is happening and not too long into the new year the new Source Park and shop will be open to the public. 

The building itself is a certainly a unique one.  First opened way back in 1876 the building was originally built as a Turkish Bath, a sort of Victorian leisure center if you will, where people of the time would go to have hot Sea water baths washed down with a cigarette or two in the smoking room (which is now to become the new Source shop). Since then the building has been a cinema, swimming pool and an ice rink (the part of the building where our Main Park is). The Ice Rink closed in the early 90’s and since then the whole place has lay derelict, hidden from view underground, right in the center of our hometown, Hastings.

Being no Strangers to quirky buildings as our main premises (we are situated in an old Church at the moment) we approached Hastings council over two years ago about turning the whole building into a Skatepark complex which also houses a much larger Source shop. These things always take time but what seemed like a thousand meetings later and countless pitches to councils the Source Park is going to be a reality.



Being a derelict Victorian building underground it was never going to be as simple as dropping some ramps in.  The whole building needed a full renovation; there was no power, no plumbing and the whole thing leaked like a sieve. In fact the whole building was designed to leak to an extent, the entire basement was designed to flood as a stream runs through it from the cliff and once it gets to a certain level it gets pumped out to Sea – you can’t make this stuff up! However we are happy to report that this years long work is now coming to an end and now its time to install the ramps…



The Main park is actually set inside the old Swimming pool. We spent a lot of time taking out the old floor so we can drop the ramps into the pool to get some more deck space and height. This area consists of the perfect mix of transition, one big bowl and a half bowl at one end and some street/plaza stuff at the other all linking together so you can make a line link from one end to the other. This whole room is surrounded by a 360˚ balcony, which means that the viewing is amazing and more importantly comps are going to be crazy – watch this space! If you fancy a bit of downtime in here then there is also the best Café a skatepark has ever seen complete with a BMX grab machine - you know the grab machines you have at the seaside where you win teddy bears  – only this one is full of BMX parts!



At the other end of the building you can find the plaza. This is what you can expect from a Plaza, loads of ledges, rails, flat banks etc with a little transition to link the whole thing up and flow. The things you don’t expect to see in a plaza however is flat bank with a Race Gate on it and a speedo at the bottom so you can get your competitive side out, if you forget that its all just for fun! There will also be foam pit in here tucked away down the side and it’s also in here where there will be some lessons – maybe even from some old Hastings Pro’s



The Garden II, There is also an outdoor space set down in the courtyard, right on the seafront and away from any wind. You may be familiar with the original Source Garden - basically a wooden park set up so that you can trick yourself into thinking you are at the trails. The Garden II will be equally as weird and wonderful as the first one and will opening in the Spring/Summe of 2016– when the weather doesn’t suck.

Source Shop. The New Source shop will also be moving down to the SourcePark. This is situated in the old Victorian smoking room and is 4 times the size of our existing store in the old church. We are currently making all the custom display cabinets tailored to BMX parts, to give you an example of the levels we are going to the Pedals we be displayed so you can actually put your feet on them and try them out. Being in the Park the shop will now also be open late into the night for both mail-order and for coming in and getting your parts – no more of that 9-5 that can be so inconvenient at times.


We honestly can’t wait for the new Sourcepark to be open – it really is going to be the next chapter for Sourcebmx. Its taken years to get this project off the ground and it’s due to be open to the Public in February 13th, 2016 – Watch out for teasers and edits from our team to be dropping just before and make sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with project!





When will it be open?. February 13th 2016 is the opening date. The Garden will be finished later in the Spring when the weather is kinder.

Will it affect ongoing plans to expand the Boyley park? Not all all….the council and everyone involved are still pushing ahead for phase 3. If anything, the publicity could help speed things up.

How much for a session? Prices will vary depending on the sessions but will be in line with other indoor skateparks at an average of £6 for 2 hours.

Other than BMXers and Skateboards what else will be let in?
The Source Park is mainly for BMXers and skateboarders with dedicated sessions for both of these diciplines. That said there will also be plenty of open session swhem anything and everything will be allowed. There will also be dedicated sessions for under 12s and female only sessions.

Will there be lessons? Yes, we’ll be offering coaching sessions for beginners looking to get in to riding or skating as well as coaching to help riders develop.

Can I get a job down there? Positions for the first round of jobs have now been filled. Any available spaces will be advertised here on this website and facebook etc so keep an eye out.

What will be the opening hours? We’ll be open from 12noon to 10pm 7 days a week and open earlier at weekends and in school holidays. Everything is indoors so there is no weather or bad light to worry about.

How can I keep up with the progress? Regular updates on the progress on the park can be found on this site or on our facebook page (search SourcebmxShop)

Will I be able to just watch? Yes, we will have a large spectator area in the main park along with a cafe and seating.


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