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Frequently Asked Questions About BMX -Helme

Here at Source BMX, we understand the importance of safety while riding. That's why we stock top brands with certified safety such as Pro-tec, TSG, Shadow, and many more. A comfortable, well-fitted helmet ensures the best protection. When looking for the right BMX helmet, consider your riding style: a full-face helmet is essential for BMX racing, while open-face helmets offer protection and visibility for park and street riding. To find your perfect fit, check out our size guides available on each helmet product page.

When choosing a BMX helmet for kids, safety is the top priority. A comfortable, well-fitted helmet ensures the best protection for your child. The style of riding also influences the type of helmet they need. A full-face helmet is ideal for BMX racing, while an open-face or half-shell BMX helmet offers sufficient protection for park and street riding.

Wearing a full-face helmet depends on your riding style, the ideal helmet for someone cruising the pump track may not be the best choice for someone attempting backflips at the skatepark. Full-face helmets are mandatory for BMX racing events, while a half-shell or open-face helmet offers sufficient protection for freestyle riding.

Choosing the right size BMX helmet is crucial for protecting your head. To ensure you get the perfect fit, start by measuring your head. Wrap a tape measure around your head, placing it 1 inch above your eyebrows and running it behind your ears where glasses would sit. Once you know your head circumference, use our helmet size guides, available on each helmet product page, to find the perfect fit. Keep in mind that sizes vary between brands, so be sure to refer to each brand's specific size guide

Full-face helmets are compulsory in BMX racing and are considered the best for protection. At Source BMX, we only stock helmets that meet safety standards and provide full protection for trail riding. Ultimately, the best BMX helmet is one that offers a comfortable fit and the necessary level of protection for your skill level and riding style.