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This page has been put together to help you make an informed choice about what BMX bike will be most suitable for your needs. If you have been riding for a while and you are looking for a new bike then the suggestions in this section will give you a brief overview of what you can get for your budget at the moment and what to look out for.

Here at Source Bmx we are a 100% rider-owned and run BMX shop and pride ourselves on offering friendly and honest advice to make sure that you ride away on a bike that’s suitable for you and will keep you in BMX for the long run. We don’t stock any brands we don’t believe in and every single bike we stock is a great bike in its own right - this section is here to help you make an informed decision. If you need any more advice then please drop us an email, live chat or call us via our Contact Us page to speak to our staff who ride and can help you out.




Youth bikes are sized smaller than the regular BMX bike to suit the smaller rider. Although these bikes are largely spec’d to entry level specification (see below) there are some youth bikes which vary in spec and price which will suit a wide range of rider abilities; all with one thing in common - their size. The standard size of a BMX wheel is 20” but these youth sized bikes typically use a 16” or a 18” wheel as well as a smaller frame - this makes for a BMX bike geometry and feel only in a smaller package. As a general rule a 16” or 18” bike typically suits a rider from 6 years old up to 10 years but there's also 12" bikes available for younger rirders or balance bikes for toddlers. Another option are smaller 20" bikes which feature full size wheels but with a smaller frame - perfect for riders who are between an 18" wheeled bike and a full size 20" wheeled bike







Entry level bikes are designed to be your first BMX bike or your first “proper bmx bike” and are typically suited to all types of riding. Chances are if you’re in the market for an entry level bike, you are new to this and you can find the choice a little overwhelming. Firstly the best thing to remember is that we don’t stock any “bad bikes” so you just need to find something to suit your needs.

So with that said; if you are just starting out and want to go to your local skatepark to give it a go then something from the cheaper end of this price bracket will be perfect. If you are little more advanced, i.e have ridden before and plan to hit the skatepark up every night, then you might benefit from the improved spec and strength you can find on the higher level bikes in this range which typically offer more durable parts.

A good thing to remember is that whatever bike you end up starting on, all of our bikes are fully upgradeable with the after-market parts which we stock here at SourceBMX so it’s easy to upgrade your bike as your riding progresses.

Jet BMX Block BMX Bike
Jet BMX Yoof 20" BMX Bike
Jet BMX Key BMX Bike
Buy From£169.99
RRP £199.99
Save 15%
Average Rating 4.81Average Rating 4.81Average Rating 4.81Average Rating 4.81
Buy From£183.99
RRP £229.99
Save 20%
Average Rating 4.66Average Rating 4.66Average Rating 4.66Average Rating 4.66
GT Air BMX Bike 2019
GT Slammer BMX Bike 2019
Jet BMX Generate BMX Bike
Buy Now£246.49
RRP £289.99
Save 15%
Buy Now£223.99
RRP £279.99
Save 20%
Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00




Mid-level bikes cover quite a broad price range and basically apply to all models which are not an entry bike and equally not quite a pro bike but fall somewhere in-between. These are the models which are made to accommodate the needs of most of today’s riders, whether it be their second bike, having moved up from the entry level range or even their 3rd or 4th bike. These bikes are built with many of the same features as Pro bikes, like integrated head tubes, stronger and lighter CrMo tubes, sealed bearings and removable brakes but are still produced to accommodate the rider with a budget. These models usually feature some after-market parts or a Pro rider endorsement and can be tailored to specific types of riding with specific geometry or a parts package to suit street riding for instance. These models provide a higher quality of bike, usually lighter and always stronger to hold up to the constant and progressive riding day in and day out. Perfect just as they are or great as a platform to start your own custom from, adding parts as you progress.

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Kink Gap BMX Bike 2019
Cult Gateway BMX Bike 2019
Kink Gap XL BMX Bike 2019
Kink Curb BMX Bike 2019
Kink Whip XL BMX Bike 2019
Sunday Scout BMX Bike 2019
Buy Now£407.99
RRP £479.99
Save 15%




If you are looking at investing in a BMX for something over the £500 mark then chances are you have been riding for a while and you know what you want and need a bike which can keep up with your level of riding. Bikes at the lower end of this price bracket offer a great platform from which to upgrade your ride as your level of riding increases. Expect sealed bearings throughout, removable brakes, CrMo frames and forks and a whole bunch of after-market parts on these bikes. As you get further and further above the £500 price you will find that the bikes get more and more like custom builds sometimes with the entire bike being built from after-market parts. The only way to get a BMX better than these in the higher end of this price bracket is to build one yourself from your chosen after-market parts.

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Wethepeople Crysis BMX Bike 2019
SE Bikes Big Flyer 29" BMX Bike 2019
SE Bikes Blocks Flyer 26" BMX Bike 2019
Wethepeople Reason Freecoaster BMX Bike 2019
Cult Devotion BMX Bike 2019
Kink Downside BMX Bike 2019
Sunday Forecaster BMX Bike 2019
Kink Legend BMX Bike 2019
Wethepeople Battleship RHD Freecoaster BMX Bike 2019
Buy Now£679.99
RRP £799.99
Save 15%
Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00



If you are looking at a fully custom build then we offer the best service possible. We offer a range of pre built customs that are Replica models of the top pro riders in the world, including our own team riders Dan Lacey, Kriss Kyle and many more. These bikes are built up, in stock and ready to ship to you on the same day as purchase or you can go through our huge range of products and build the exact spec'd bike that you want. All of our Custom builds come with a 10% discount & Free gifts as standard.

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Federal Bruno Hoffman Custom BMX Bike
United Corey Martinez Custom BMX Bike
Buy Now£1260.67
RRP £1400.75
Save 10%
Buy Now£1249.43
RRP £1388.26
Save 10%


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