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Frequently Asked Questions About Freins BMX

Not all BMX brakes are the same and the type of brake you choose will depend on the design of your frame. Most BMX bikes use U-brakes for ease and durability, while BMX race bikes use V-brakes or Disc brakes for increased stopping power.

The type of brakes you need for your BMX bike will depend on your frame brake mounts, the most common type of brake used in BMX is the U-brake, used across dirt, park or street bikes.It is lightweight, simple, and easy to maintain and offers a sufficient level of stopping power.

The best BMX brake is subjective and will depend on factors such as your riding style, budget, and desired level of stopping power. The most popular type of brake system for BMX bikes is the U-brake, because of their regular fit and perfect pairing with Gyro's. Checkout our full BMX brake kits which will contain everything you need to fit a working brake to your BMX.

Nearly all BMX riders will ride without front brakes on there BMX to allow for tricks without interference, as the the stopping power of the rear brake alone is more than sufficient. With less experienced riders a front brake can be more dangerous as may cause them to pitch forward when it's misused. It's worth noting that not all BMX bikes are designed without front brakes, and some riders do prefer to ride with them, most complete bikes come with an optional side-pull / Caliper style front brake but ultimately, the decision to ride with or without front brakes is up to personal preference.