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Here at Sourcebmx we understand how much of a chore working on your BMX bike can be, especially if it is brand new. That’s why we offer to 99% assemble our bikes for an additional charge (UK Deliveries only - Bikes over £394.95 we offer this service for free)- Just select the option at checkout! If selected your bike will be lovingly assembled by our team of qualified BMX mechanics and dispatched to you, complete with tools, in our custom made bike boxes. If you prefer to build the bike yourself then just don't select the assembly service at Checkout, Simple.

*Bikes delivered outside the UK will be dispatched semi-built (around 80%) it will take approximately 25 minutes to build and you will require to partially install the brakes, seat, front wheel, pedals and handlebars - all the hard stuff like bearings, rear wheel, chain etc will be installed already



Check out these simple steps below to complete the assembly of your new BMX bike. All tools required are supplied inside our Custom BMX bike boxes. Be sure to check out the instructions below which correspond to the pictures in the gallery.


Step 1. Unpacking

Remove the bike from the top of the bike box. You will find your pedals, other parts and tools in the smaller box inside. Remove all protective packaging from the bike and undo the Velcro straps to release the handlebars from the frame.

Step 2. Bars

A. Remove the Stem plate using the 6mm allen key. Position bars in the stem ensuring the Knurling is in the centre of the stem and loosly replace the stem plate. Note the routing of the cable should be around the front of the bars.

B. Sitting on the bike; position the bars to your liking. A good guide here is to match the angle of the bars to the angle of the forks and frame - as shown above in the gallery.

C. Tighten the 4 stem bolts back up using the 6mm Allen key. To ensure the bars are secure tighten them gradually moving to the opposite bolt each time in a criss-cross pattern as above. its best to tighten these gradually over a few laps ensuring the stem plate is evenly tightened on each bolt.

D.Check that the stem plate is evenly tightened so that there is an equal gap between each side: front/back and left/right as shown above in the pictures.
Note: Some stems have the plate situated at the front not the top as pictured - The exact same process applies to these stems.

Step 3. Pedals

Note that the pedals are Right and Left specific. Locate the pedals and screw into the crank arms ensuring that the Right pedal and the Left pedal are inserted into the corresponding crank arms. The pedals are marked “L” and “R” on the end of the spindles. Once the pedals are inserted correctly use the 15mm spanner to tighten up the pedals. You are now ready to go riding

4. Step 4. Gyros (Gyro brakes only)

If your bike has a Gyro follow these simple steps to install the top cable. Bikes with regular brake cables will already be 100% set up.

A. Attach the single end of the upper cable to the brake lever. To do this pull the lever and insert the barrel end into the hole. Line up the Barrel adjuster on the exit of the lever so that the slots line up with the slot on the lever body, thread the cable through and tighten the barrel adjuster.

B. Route the two cables through the centre of the handlebars noting the different lengths - The longer cable goes to the furthest side from the lever. Push the small balls on the end of the cables through the holes in the Gyro plate and tighten the barrel adjuster into the thread on both sides.

C. On both sides; Hook the small ball on the end of the cables into the slots on the Gyro, effectively joining the upper part of the Gyro to the lower part of the Gyro as pictured above. Pull the brake and make sure the brake is working to ensure you have done this correctly.


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