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All sessions at the Source Park last 2 hours and are specific to each park, i.e. a session can be for the Plaza only OR the Main Park but not both at the same time. However, the sessions are structured so that each session follows each other from one park to another. For example, a skateboarding session could take place from 5-7pm in the Main Park and the second session will take place from 7-9pm in the Plaza.

At Source Park, we also offer several special sessions for the BMX or sessions for girls only for example. You will find below all of our available sessions.

This week's & next week's schedules



These sessions are open to all disciplines, ages and people at the same time. The disciplines allowed during this session are: BMX, Skateboard, Scooters, Jump Bikes and In-line Skates. Mixed sessions are available every day during the week in Main Park and Plaza.

These sessions are £5 a go and are designed for the youngest of riders, to give them the space and guidance they need to develop their balance and confidence!

These sessions are open to all girls and women of all ages. Like other sessions, all disciplines are welcome in this niche.

These sessions are open to people aged 21 and over. As with other sessions, all disciplines are welcome in this niche.

These sessions are reserved for children under 11 years of age. BMX bikes, skateboards, scooter or skate in-line. These sessions are perfect for those who already know how to ride but rather new to riding in skatepark. We have two coaches who will ensure the safety of your children and the smooth running of the session.

This runs Wednesday - Friday only, 3-7pm. Get up to 4 hours in either park, free equipment hire, hotdog, nachos & cheese and a drink for £9.00



We offer a comprehensive range of BMX bikes, Skateboards and safety equipment to hire at Source Park. We offer different levels of bikes to hire from entry level bikes and youth bikes to pro set ups - ideal if you want to try a pro level bike out. We don't require a deposit for our hire service however we will require a valid form of photo ID for each hire.

HIRE PRICES (per visit)

  • BMX bike tier 1 £10 (entry level bike: Jet Generate, United recruit etc - as well as 16" and 18" youth bikes)
  • BMX bike tier 2 £15 (mid level bike: Fit Prospect, United Supreme)
  • BMX bike tier 3 £20 (pro level bike: Cult Custom)
  • Skateboard £5
  • Helmet £2.50
  • Elbow pads £2.50
  • Knee pads £2.50

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Before your arrival

Before using the Source Park services, all participants must complete a Disclaimer Form. If you are under the age of 16, this form must be completed by a parent or guardian. This form can be completed when you arrive at Source Park but it will cause you to lose time on the session. The best way is to fill out this online form below beforehand.

Helmets - We strongly recommend that all participants wear helmets and other protective gear at all times. Wearing a protective helmet is mandatory for all children under 16 years of age.


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