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If you have any questions regarding the Source Park, please email us at: or check out the answers to the frequently asked questions below!


The most up to date schedule and opening times for the park can be found here. We extend our opening times during School Holidays and will update the schedule accordingly - keep an eye on our social media pages for the latest park updates. 

The Source Park runs mixed sessions that are open to anyone on a BMX, Skateboard, Scooter, Inline Skates or MTB (without gears). There are also dedicated sessions for girls, over 21’s, under 11’s and Pre-schoolers. We also hold occasional BMX and Skateboard competitions and dedicated BMX and Skate lessons. See our weekly timetables for details here.

Yes, During any ‘off peak’ session on our timetable (anything in blue). Unfortunately during peak sessions, we only allow access to one park or the other. The reason for this is we have set quite low maximum limits in each skatepark so it's not overly busy and you can enjoy a good session. Also, they are situated over 100 metres apart with lots of stairs, a narrow corridor, our shop and a courtyard in between so moving between the two takes a while and means everywhere gets really congested; not to mention that you can get to the other end and find it's at its limit and you have to turn around.

Yes, we offer coaching sessions for beginners looking to get in to riding or skating as well as coaching to help riders develop. For more information on booking on to a coaching course here

Any available vacancies will be advertised here on our social media account so keep an eye on our Facebook or ask a member of staff down at the Source Park. 

Yes, we have a large viewing balcony overlooking the main skatepark and it offers the best view in the house. We have a full service café as well as a dedicated self catering area. Spectating is free whether you have a sibling riding or not and we have free super-fast wifi through the building.

We do! You can find out more information about hiring the park or hosting a birthday party here

Helmets are compulsory for under 16’s and just recommended for those over 16. We recommend you ride with pads and gloves too.

We don’t have anywhere to store bikes and you can only bring it in to the building if you have a session; there’s just not enough room to have hundreds of bikes lying around. We do have lockers to store personal belongings – they’re free but you need to leave a key desposit.

We don’t have any rules about your BMX except it must be in good working order and must have Bar ends that cover the whole handlebar end.

We allow scooters in to open sessions providing that they are not foldable. If your scooter is foldable you will not be allowed in at all as they can collapse whilst using them on a skatepark. Also, they must have bar ends that cover the whole end of the bar. Mini bikes/Rocker bikes etc. are not allowed in to any sessions.

Yes, we have helmets, bikes and skateboards to rent. The prices for the bikes vary depending on what tier you want and you must leave some form of ID as security (Photo ID or a bank card in your name). You can view the prices for eqiupment hire here

No, but we recommend going in the under 11s sessions or taking lessons if the rider isn’t yet confident riding up and down ramps. Confidence and skills build quickly though and we have had lots of mixed sessions with really young riders riding alongside older riders.

Our shop is open all the time that our skatepark is open. We sell everything that is on our website, and for the same prices, but if you need something specific then please contact us prior to travelling and we’ll let you know if it is in stock in store. If it isn’t we can usually get it down from our warehouse or from a supplier within 24 hours.

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