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‘The Source Park Documentary’ Trailer​

"This is the story of 2 brothers, Marc and Richard Moore, who started their own BMX shop in their hometown of Bexhill-On-Sea. 'The Source' opened in 2003 and with their passion and dedication they have grown their business into a true entity that everyone believes in and stands behind.

With constant shop moves over the years, 'The Source' has always kept it's BMX roots alive by surrounding themselves with elaborate DIY projects from indoor bowls to outdoor jump ramps.

Approaching everything with a positive can-do attitude, has now lead them to their biggest project yet - to build the world's biggest underground skatepark underneath the promenade of Hastings seafront inside a space that dates back to the 1800's and has laid derelict for the past 18 years."

Full documentary coming Christmas 2016.

Perception Films & Filmmaker At Large presents
The Source Park Documentary
Edited by Alex Frois 
Sound Design by Edward Blakeley
Cinematography by Tom Pickard
Produced by Christopher Morriss-Roberts
Directed by Tom Pickard



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Here at Sourcebmx we pride ourselves on offering the best BMX products at the best prices along with the advice and customer care only a rider owned store can give. We only offer the best BMX brands which we believe in, the ones, who like us live and breath BMX. We constantly strive to contribute and put back into the BMX scene through building and offering facilities to ride, sponsoring local riders and some of the top BMX pro’s in the business - You can see all our BMX edits over our Source Team pages.

For advice on any of our products you can send us an email, call us up or why not visit our store in Hastings, England and ride our underground skatepark, Source Park, at the same time.

Shop, Mailorder and Source Park opening times
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For info and directions to the Source Park and shop visit our location page.

Source - Mailorder HQ (for returns and deliveries)
Unit H, Drury Lane
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United Kingdom

Scroll down to be whisked through the history of the Source from our humble beginnings in 2003 to the present day - living and breathing BMX every step of the way.


  Intro - Pre 2003

Richard and Marc were born in 1981 and 1984 respectively and started racing at their local BMX track in Bexhill in1988 (home to the backyard jams). Their parents took them racing for Bexhill Burners all over the region and eventually the world.

By 1998 Marc was ranked No.3 in the world for his age and Rich was a photographer and writer for BMX magazines and organisations. In 2001 Marc spent a summer working for his sponsor, Profile, building hubs and wheels in
their Florida factory in between riding for them around the U.S.

Meanwhile Rich was paying for a business degree by working for several BMX magazines and companies. Growing up in the home of BMX, Bexhill and Hastings, exposed them to some of the worlds most influential BMX spots, contests and riders at a time when BMX was finding its way.

They used this experience and lifelong friendships forged in BMX to start a business; a business they live for today. This is the story of the first 10 years of The Source.

Source Opens for the First Time - March 8th, 2003

The Source opened its doors on March 8th 2003 following a chat over Christmas dinner a few months before. With Marc not enjoying college and Rich with spare time as a student at Loughborough, their Dad suggested they put their passion for BMX to good use and open a BMX shop in Bexhill. The idea soon got moving and after several meetings in the Castle (pub) later, The Source was born. With £5000 in savings and a tiny shop at the top of a side street in Bexhill we set about laying out the best specialist BMX shop we could; one of only a handful in the UK. A few weeks of hard work and 18-hour days left The Source as a shining new store full of the latest BMX bikes and parts.


Local legend Keith Duly was persuaded to ‘break the chain’ and the local scene of 30 or so riders poured in to check out the latest magazines, talk shop and get their hands on the latest parts. Our first sale was a new wheel to a 13 year old Josh Heritage; now one of our team riders.


Local Comps and Demos -Summer 2004

As part of the small local scene and with such a niche market, it was our job to
grow the scene in order to make the business viable. As local riders, this came
naturally and we threw ourselves in to Sidley Woods, Bexhill track, local skatepark
extensions and promoting riding locally as much as possible. In Summer 2004,
we managed to persuade Eastpak to bring their ramp, punk bands and team
down for the day and that Summer we turned our attention to Sidley Woods

...Growing up in and around the BMX scene in Bexhill inevitably lead to hanging
out in Sidley Woods at the trails. Many days spent digging when we should have
been a school was the norm. In 2004 we tried our best to throw a jam at the
trails but as usual with these things it rained hard.

In fact we are still doing the same things now; Marc, together with the other
locals. have finally made the trails offiicial and have a lease from the council for
the trails as well as a fence and have made the whole place official. Yes Sidley
Woods is now official - it only took 20 plus years


Our First Website - May 2005

By 2005, it was obvious that our bedroom-sized shop was too small for all of our stock so we signed a lease for a store around the corner on the high street called St Leonards Road. It was 4 times bigger and had room out the back for a very shady mini-ramp that the neighbours hated!
The shop fit predictably led to a few all nighters with everyone from the local scene we could muster and was opened by the local Mayor; along with a fine cast of super heroes for no reason that anyone can remember.

Sorry no photos of the mini ramp survive that we know of. However to give you an idea it was squeezed into a damp yard out the back and one side was made from a shady old shop counter we had. Despite that Mike Ardelean and Cory Martinez sessioned it once.


First Source Catalogue - Aug 2006 - Present Day

By 2006, we were trading at lots of BMX events around the UK and quickly establishing our mail-order service as being the best around. We realised early on that we needed excellent systems and high-levels of stock to be a player so we invested everything we had in both. We also took advantage of deals where we could; including a Sunday morning hungover call to our supplier to purchase
1600 pairs of cut-price Orchid BMX Shoes. We underestimated the consequence of storing 8 transit vans full of shoes but it built our reputation and customer database nicely. By now Ricky was our part-time mechanic and Wildcat had joined us full-time; and is now our sales manager.

It was at this time that we noticed that none of the established BMX mail order companies had a catalogue so we worked our arses off, day and night, to make one. The catalogue was a hit and has since more than doubled in size to the one you hold in your hands at 92 pages.


We have mailed out over a quarter of a million free catalogues in the first 9 issues and the sleepless nights working to a deadline have just got worse!


Source Moves to Hastings - October 2006

By now, we were doing a daily collection from our suppliers in Hastings and had rented a separate warehouse, complete with sloping floor and leaking roof, nearby to store stock.

With more of our customers travelling from Hastings it made sense to make the move over. In late 2006 we had lived through a third horrific shop-fitting ordeal and opened the doors to shop number 3 on Hastings High Street. The shop looked awesome but we’d outgrown it almost instantly

Deal With it DVD & Premiere - October 2007

From day one we had supported local riders but by 2005 we officially had a team of local shredders; Fids, Marc Goodwin, Caleb Kilby, Carl King, Josh Heritage, Mark Tanner and Jamie Lusted.

We went on loads of trips and got filming whenever we could with the goal of making a BMX video. Local film-maker and skater Tom Pickard took it upon himself to take over filming and editing and thanks to him we got it finished.

On Halloween 2007, Deal With It was premiered to a packed out Brass Monkey in Hastings...


Gold Meds DVD - October 2008

After making Deal With It, going on trips and filming never stopped; in fact it got more frequent. So by 2008 we had enough footage for a second DVD. Pickard worked every hour under the sun to get it finished in time for a second Halloween fancy dress premiere and another legendary night went down.
The video premiere was also the night we announced we were moving again to a
larger premises in Hastings...

Trinity Hall Move - December 6th 2008

By summer 2008 the shop was far too small and the days of sharing a single desk with two other people whilst someone else packed orders in the tiny basement office had to end.

Fortunately, Rich stumbled across an old Church for rent near Hastings station and hours later him and Marc were walking around planning where the ramps were going. It was a dream come true; a place big enough for a shop, office, warehouse and an indoor bowl.

It wasn’t easy to secure the lease but with references from every agency and school we’d worked with and a solid business plan, we were given a 10 year lease from the church. We spent a solid 6 weeks renovating an entire 4000ft church
whilst trying to deal with the Christmas rush, our 5th catalogue deadline and an all new website. It nearly killed us but friendships were made that will last forever as friends, family and team riders pitched in to get it done on a shoestring budget. We swore it would


January 2009 - The Source Bowl

The shop opened on December 6th 2008 but the skatepark took a little longer with nominated carpenters/ramp builders Ben Newbold and Tom Quinn working evenings and all of us helping them out after work and at weekends. Armed with a copy of Thrasher Ramp building book and plenty of enthusiasm, we set about making an awesome bowl.

The maiden session was in February 2009 and made the ordeal of the previous few months all worthwhile – you can’t beat riding a ramp that you’ve put your heart and soul in to. Despite now needing a separate backup warehouse, Trinity Hall is still home for us with the biggest stocks and the only indoor bowl in the south east. It’s been regularly ridden by some of the best riders in the world and can be rented for a nominal fee by riders.


Spring 2011 - Normal DVD

Our third BMX DVD, Normal, was released in 2011 featuring the ever-evolving team of riders plus most of the original crew. Mag scared the hell out of everyone by breaking his back whilst riding but made a full recovery and took the end section again; complete with the cringe-inducing crash.
Trips continued to take us all over Europe, normally plagued by a van breaking down, passports lost or non-stop rain. It can feel like Source trips are cursed sometimes.

We continue to create lots of original content for our website all of which you can view HERE


Summer 2011 to Spring 2012 - The Source Garden

Whilst up on the office roof trying to fix yet another source shop leak, Marc spotted a straight line through the bushes and shed and in to the garden of the house next door where he lives. Sheds and walls came down, dirt was excavated and the garden ramps were born.

A set of private wooden trails that are not for the feint hearted have become the fair-weather hangout of the source staff and team riders. The Garden has been added and added to over the past year until there is seemingly no more room left. Although there has been a suggestion of a corkscrew transfer lip to be built on the side of the house and already dubbed the Cobra line. Expect that Spring 2014.


December 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 - Ride
Reader Awards

Ride Magazine launched a reader survey in 2011 and on an arguably memorable night in London – depending on whose memory – Source BMX was awarded the national BMX retailer of the year award with almost 25% of the vote; more than second and third combined. It was a humbling experience that was a reward for all the hard work put in by the team over a long time. The award win was repeated in December 2012, 2013 and 2014 (every year it has been going) and led to yet more magazine coverage and another dirty hangover. As an added bonus, our team riders won 2 of the 3 rider awards.


Spring 2012 - Pro BMX Team

As a national mail-order company, it made sense to support some of the best pros in the UK as well as our local team. We were honoured that Matt Priest, Kriss Kyle and Ben Lewis all came on board our team and put out some of the best video content we’ve ever produced.

Check out the team pages on the website to view these and our other team riders. And be sure to grab a free copy of our 10 year edits DVD

May 2013 - 10 Year Party and

Always ones for a party and to throw
a local comp it made sense to
celebrate 10 years in business. The
De La Warr Pavilion, as the
centrepiece of Bexhill beach and a
stones throw from where we started,
was an obvious choice for a venue.
We didn’t know it until it was
suggested to us at a meeting about
constructing a ramp on the roof as
part of an exhibition. So what would
have been a low-key party for the
extended Source family turned in to a public event in a town synonymous
with BMX. View the video of the
party here.

Celebrating 10 years has also given us
the chance to work with some of the
most influential brands in BMX from
around the globe on a range of
limited edition 10-year collaboration
products. We’re proud to show off
collab products with United, S&M,
Fit, BSD, Etnies, Verde & more…


November 2013 - Source 10 years DVD

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary we released our Edits DVD. A free DVD comprising all of our teams edits from the past two years on one disc. The DVD also featured plenty of Bonus features and all three of our previous videos, Deal with it, Gold Meds and Normal. The Video was given away free with any order on-line or in-store.


Present Day

Today we are still filming for edits, going on trips and continually pushing to better The Source. 2014 so far has seen a brand new website go live (The one you’re reading article on) more Edits being filmed as well as a brand new project for a new Store and massive Skatepark under the seafront in our home town of Hastings. The new Source shop and skatepark is due to open in Autumn 2015. There’s more to come…


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