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Frequently Asked Questions About BMX Bikes

Standard BMX bikes feature a 20" diameter wheel, which is the truest size for BMX bikes. However, BMX bikes are available in a range of sizes from 12" to 24" to accommodate different rider heights. Kids' BMX bikes use smaller wheel sizes to create a more manageable bike while preserving the classic BMX bike feel. In race bikes, all wheels are 20" in diameter, but smaller bikes utilize thinner tyres to reduce drag and save weight. To find the perfect BMX bike for your needs, take our quick and simple bike quiz.

The best BMX bike for street riding depends on your personal preference and riding style, but there are key factors to consider. A strong and durable frame is essential to withstand the impact of drops and tricks, with chromoly frames being a popular choice among BMX street riders. Additionally, a short wheelbase, steep head angle, and low bottom bracket height enhance manoeuvrability and make it easier to perform spins. To find the perfect BMX bike for your needs, take our quick and simple bike quiz.

Choosing the best BMX bike for park and freestyle riding depends on your personal preferences and intended use. Ideally, when Park or freestyle riding, you want a BMX bike that has a strong yet lightweight frame. Look for a geometry that features a shorter top tube as this improves responsiveness and manoeuvrability. To find the ideal BMX bike tailored to your needs, take advantage of our quick and simple bike quiz.

BMX bikes and mountain bikes are purpose-built for distinct styles of riding, each with unique geometry, design, and components. BMX bikes feature smaller wheels and are tailored for tricks and manoeuvres, whereas mountain bikes (MTBs) are equipped with suspension systems and larger wheels to tackle off-road riding and rugged terrain effectively.

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