SourceBMX Founders, Rich and Marc Moore, started BMX riding at the ages of 6 and 4 Respectively at their Local BMX track in Bexhill-on-Sea and have been on a BMX journey ever since…

Pre 2003

Rich and Marc Moore got into BMX riding at their local track in the late 80’s and never looked back. Those early years flourished into a lifelong passion for BMX riding, which continues to this day. Throughout their youth, both Marc and Richard competed in endless races around the world, as well as countless trail, skatepark, and street riding sessions along the way. In 1998 Marc was ranked World #3 for racing in his age group as well as riding constantly at his local trails Sidley Woods, while Rich was pursuing a career in BMX photography. By 2003 there was a real need for a BMX shop in the scene that could cater to the BMX community…

Rich (39 plate) Racing somewhere in the UK

Marc at Sidley Woods sometime in the 90's

Rich was a BMX photographer throughout the 90's

SHOP #1 (2003)

The Source opened its doors on March 8th, 2003. With just £5000 of savings scraped together between them, and weeks of fitting out and decorating, The Source shop was born thanks to the help of friends and family. Situated in our hometown of Bexhill, the tiny shop carried bikes and everyday essentials to support the BMX scene we had grown up in. The shop was opened by none other than BMX legend Keith Duly (with who we collaborate on BMX coaching to this day!)

The First Ever SourceBMX Shop - Circa 2003


Since conception, Source has grown fast into the World’s largest BMX store. But throughout, one thing has remained, a love for BMX and a desire to support and promote it.

2004 ~ 2008

From the beginning, we wanted to promote BMXing to the wider world, whilst staying true to our values. With the creation of our first website in 2004, the business grew, outgrowing several shops and warehouses along the way. This allowed us to employ our friends and riders (who still work with us to this day). We were able to start investing in new warehouses and larger stock holdings. Our growth enabled us to go on more trips, film more videos, and push our love of BMX to a bigger audience.

In these 4 short years, Source put on countless BMX demos and events, recorded and released two full-length Team DVDs, and created annual BMX catalogues. We ended up moving to bigger premises in Hastings, UK.

Marc filming for our first video "Deal With It"

Our 1st ever BMX demo - right in the town centre!

Wildcat filming for our 2nd DVD. Wildcat still works at Source!

Another long standing Employee - Mag on the cover of our Catalogue

Shop Number 3 complete with a band for opening day.


New premises, a new video, a pro team, international expansion and a taste of things to come

2009 ~ 2015

In the early days of 2009, with the business still expanding in the UK and abroad, we moved to a new Premises in Hastings. The premises was an old church with two halls - one for a shop and one for a skatepark! Thanks to the help of our friends and fellow riders, The Source Bowl was constructed in one of our church halls, followed soon after by a terrifying garden jump set outside.

In these years, we filmed our 3rd full-length DVD “Normal”, filmed countless edits, and started our 1st “Pro” BMX team.

The new setup allowed us to film more content, ship more orders, and expand the reach of Source around the world! But this is just a taste of things to come.

Our very own bowl - in a Church no less!

...And just next door - a much bigger shop.

Our garden on the front of Ride BMX with Chase Hawk at the helm.

It's hard to explain how the garden worked but it did! Phil Martin tabletopping the hip in the dead of night

Josh Heritage filming for Normal. Josh Still works at Source and Incidentally was a customer at our 1st shop on day 1.


It’s not easy renovating a derelict underground Victorian Turkish Bath - The Story of Source Park and The Battle of Hastings

2016 ~ 2018

At first sight of the derelict building, Marc said "When we first saw it, even though it was soaking wet and derelict - we knew we had to go for it".
After countless hours of planning, council meetings, and raising the required £1.5m to bring the building back to life, The Source Park was born.

Situated under the seafront of Hastings, The Source Park is the world's largest underground Skatepark. The park houses two Source shops, two skate parks, and is home to our renowned international BMX event “Battle of Hastings”. It is also the location for countless new Source edits and videos featuring top BMX pros.

The Battle of Hastings attracts the best BMX riders from around the globe to compete for the win. The event is held in front of a live crowd of 600+ people. We also stream the event online 100’s of thousands of people from all around the globe.

You can find out all about the making of the Source Park in the feature-length Documentary on Amazon Prime and Youtube.

Cnc'd ramps being lowered in through the promenade into the old victorian Pool below

Battle of Hastings Number 1 - Tom Dugan pleasing the crowd

Chris Doyle's bike got lost on the way to Battle of Hastings so he had to borrow Marcs.

The Shop at the Source Park caries more bikes, clothing shoes and parts than ever before


We now sell across the globe and have Bases in THE UK, USA and Germany
Still 100% Rider-owned and run.

2019 - PRESENT

SourceBMX now operates Worldwide and supplies BMX bikes and parts to most countries on Earth. We expanded our facilities to warehouses in USA and Germany, which are staffed by BMXers to give our customers the best service. We have BMXers staffing our live chat 24/7 and have the largest collection of BMX bikes and parts anywhere. We still ride, we still have fun and we are still 100% Rider Owned and Run.

Marc & Rich.


Source USA Inc opened in 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky. The huge warehouse supplies our USA customers with a full range of Bikes, parts and accessories. Staffed by a crew of BMXers and headed up by none other than BMX Legend Keith Treanor.

Keith Treanor and the crew in Louisville, Kentucky.

Nuess, Germany


Source Europe opened 2020 in Nuess, Germany and supplies our range of BMX bikes and parts throughout Europe. Like all of our facilities, our Europe warehouse is staffed by BMXers, with Vert Rider Achim Kujuwski at the helm.