Brian Kachinsky Vs Chris "Crash" Kelecy

Here is the first in the series of SourceBMX Whiskey Chaser! Our new series see's The SourceBMX Distillery visiting Pro's set a trick and one of our Staff members chase them down and try and replicate!

First up, Chris "Crash" Kelecy has to chase down GT team Pro Brian Kachinky!

Ratty Maty Vs Chris Kelecy

For round 2, Chris "Crash" Kelecy steps up to another GT BMX Freestyle Pro, Ratty Maty, for something quite different!

Casey Starling Vs Dontay That Flair

Round 3 see's Dontay take on none other than Kink BMX Pro Casey Starling and its finally time to go upside down!

Nathan Williams Vs Chris 'Crash' Kelecy

Round 4 and its neck to neck! Time for Chris 'Crash' Kelecy to tap back in and take on none other than Kink BMX heavy hitter Nathan Williams!

Broc Raiford Vs Preston Webb

Time for the 5th and final round and we are 2 for 2! Who's takign it? Sunday Bikes Pro Broc Raiford or our wheel builder Preston?