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Our lessons are the perfect introduction to the Source Park for young beginners. The sessions are aimed at 6-16 years old who are interested in BMX riding or skateboarding. The course will help learn basic skills and gain the confidence to enjoy the Source Park independently. Find out more info about signing up to our course of lessons below. 



The main skatepark is the biggest of the two parks and consists of a mixture of super fun bowls, transfers and wall rides as well as ledges and rails. The whole park works as a whole or as smaller sections when its busy. Made using state of the CNC’d ramps which allows any transition or curve to be made (so we did).

This area also houses the cafe, arcade area and 360 degree balcony for viewing.

  Source Park  


The Plaza features smaller ramps and a more street orientated design than the Main Park. Although catering for all ages and abilities, the Plaza has a small mini ramp and a foam pit which makes it more suitable for the beginner or intermediate. The Plaza room contains switchable rails which means it will always be in a different configuration on each visit. If rails, ledges and wallrides aren't your thing then theres always the foam as an added bonus you have to go through a tunnel to get there.

Note: there is no viewing at the Plaza for spectators.

  Source Park  


The Source Park is also home to our award-winning BMX and Skate Shop. The Source shop carries the largest stocks of BMX bikes, parts, skateboards, shoes and clothing in Europe and is open 10am to 10pm every single day making it the most convenient place to buy your parts or clothing.


Situated on the Balcony of the Main park the cafe sells a wide range of coffee, teas, hot food and snacks. The Source Park Cafe has plenty of seating and the best view of the main park in the entire building. The cafe is open to everyone and whether you are taking a break from riding or skating or would like a unique place to relax and grab a coffee.

  Source Park  

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Source Park

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