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Access to The Courtyard through main store front

what's at the courtyard?

the courtyard has an array of options whether you want a bite to eat, a hair cut, or just somwhere to drink with a friend

  • Goodmans Barbers
  • Goodmans Coffee Spot
  • Brewing Brothers
  • Nelly's Juice Bar
  • The Bok Shop

Goodmans Barbers

Over the past few years Goodmans have built a rad community in the area and even once had a pop up barber shop in the main skatepark alongside our ramps. Now they have a barber shop located at the Courtyard so head down there if you are in need of a trim.

Goodmans Coffee Spot

In 2020, Goodmans Coffee Spot was launched and can be found in their St Leonards location. Now, they're at the Courtyard and up on the promenade with the Courtyard Coffee spot and the Seafront Pod.

If you're passing by, grab a cup of coffee or a snack from Goodmans and get your hair booked in for a trim whilst you're at it! Stop by in the evening if you're looking for some guinness or cocktails!

Brewing Brothers

Brewing Brothers keep the Courtyard stocked with rad beer, wine and cocktails. And, we can't forget the delicious pasta, made fresh everyday!

After working with them on the "BMX Brother" beer at Battle Of Hastings 2021 and being big fans of what they do ever since, we can't wait to see their next chapter.


Nelly's specialises in Kombucha, Juices, Smoothies and all manner of delicious and nutritious treats!

The finest Kombucha Hastings has to offer on tap after a session at Source Park.

If you need something a bit stronger, Nelly's also provide really awesome cocktails too!

The Bok Shop

The Bok Shop is a free ranged fried chicken and vegan fried chicken joint. Inspired by London style fried chicken culture, the menu is a balance of contemporary and nostalgic street style food, cooked with fresh homemade ingredients.

Get down and have a look at their awesome menu, from chicken and chips to milkshakes and beer!